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Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
INTRODUCTION - Paranormal Investigation at The Wamsutta Club
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club Built in 1872, by James Arnold of Providence. As a young man, he moved to New Bedford, MA to enter the counting house of William Rotch, Jr. He married the boss's daughter, Sarah, and amassed a very large fortune. His new house was a handsome brick mansion with a fine Greek columnated facade. The property was comprised of eleven acres.
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
The Arnolds and then the Rotchs lived in the house until 1919 when the last of the family passed on. The Wamsutta Club, having been established in 1866, purchased the property in 1924. The buildings have since been expanded to accommodate the growing club membership.
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
Sorry, no ghastly or gruesome murders occurred here. However, the rich history and the many interesting people that have been in the building over the past hundred and so years, has lead investigators to believe there is a lot of residual "spirit" energy remaining in the building. And they were right!
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
This DVD is an actual, not dramatized for TV, paranormal investigation at the Wamsutta Club in New Bedford, MA. You will meet the investigators up close and personal as they work their way around the building. Prior to the actual investigation you will meet the Wamsutta Club manager and club president. They will give you a short history of the building. In the special features you will be presented with a discussion of the types of equipment used in "ghost" hunting. The Wamsutta Club at first a baseball club. Baseball at that time was called "Rounders". Also in the Specials section is a segment from the Spooky Southcoast Radio program. Total length of the video is 64 minutes.
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
       DVD Trailer Introduction and selected scenes [4:29 mins]
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
BACKGROUND - Author's notes
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
Well, there is no telling what mischief your family will get you into. My sister Linda, is one of the principal Paranormal Investigators, and she volunteered me for this project. As if I don't have enough on my plate. However, once we (my wife Roberta and I) met the other investigators, and the people of the Wamsutta Club, we became as enthusiastic as they were ... and this project was born.
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
Had we had actually encountered a ghost, I suspect I would still be running instead of creating this web page. But what happened was many good EVPs, my sister got the "heebeegeebees", my wife had people talking to her in her head ... and I ... got tired from lugging my new HD camera plus a light battery pack all evening.
Paranormal Investigation, Wamsutta Club
This was a unique experience for us to expand our creative set in a totally different direction. We met a great many new people (and spirits) and hope you enjoy the DVD as much as we did making it.

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