The Adventures of Al and Friends in Nepal

Dear Reader the adventures of Al and friends in Nepal are over ... at least in the physical sense. I went to Nepal with Bill Swofford to film and document the Bauddha Stupa in Kathmandu ... the great Stupa ... a significant focal point for Buddhist practioners. Bill remained behind for a total of 10 weeks (and is still there as of this writing) while I participated in the first three weeks. Bill video'ed and did research. I photographed and journaled our adventure. I returned home with over 1,700 digital images which had been edited down from about 2,000. Sorting and cataloging the images took the better part of a day upon my return.

My time span was from October 31, 2001 when we departed Guilford CT, USA and arrived home on November 21, 2001. Discounting travel, my productive days were from 11/2 to 11/19.

We were joined after a week by Jim Ebert as part of his travels to Nepal and Tokyo. During those three weeks we visited Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, a Nepali farm village, Pashupatinath and Swayambhunath stupas, went on a 4-day trek into the Helambu area of the Langtang National Park, and other miscellaneous locations as whim would have it.

One evening early on, Bill and I discussed how best to keep our family, friends and loved ones up to date and give them the opportunity to participate with us in this adventure. If we had any brains at all we would have set things up ahead of time.

We decided to create a web site and keep a daily journal which we would upload every few days ... and so here you are.

Presented below is the entire journal as it happened ... as it was uploaded. I have taken the time to correct misspelled names, places and in a rare few instances, added images and text which were omitted in my haste the first time. Those of you who read the initial journals know just how hasty that was.

I have also added navigation at the top and bottom of each page ... didn't have time before. Other than that ... what you read is what I wrote when it was happening.

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Welcome to Al's adventures in Nepal.

Well folks this is the adventure of a lifetime. I hope you enjoy my first hand, almost immediate reaction to Nepal in words and images. I will attempt to post things on a somewhat regular basis as time and Internet uploading opportunities come along.

Things are being written hastily and all attempts to correct my grammatical and spelling errors will promptly be rebuffed.

Here is the list of uploads, each containing one or more days activities.

       Journal Entry 1 - Friday 11/2 to Sunday 11/4
       Journal Entry 2 - Monday 11/5 to Wednesday 11/7
       Journal Entry 3 - Thursday 11/8 to Friday 11/9
       Journal Entry 4 - Sunday 11/11 to Wednesday 11/14
       Journal Entry 5 - Friday 11/16 to Saturday 11/17
       Journal Entry 6 - Sunday 11/18 to Monday 11/19
       Journal Ending - Final comments and ancillary information.

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